» Happily Ever After…

ChiChi was adopted 2 years ago. As you can see from the top picture compard to the bottom picture, ChiChi is living a happy and FULL (lol) life.

Happily ever after Berlice Basses and Gybson (now Agent cooper) with daddy and sister Tina


I love to follow the progress of my adopted dogs. The 1st picture is Jake (aka Chaz), currently… the others were from when he arrived at Fairy Tails Adoptions.. Angela Mesa-Taylor you are a fabulous dog mom.. I cannot believe how handsome he is now.. xoxo

Look at these beautiful pictures if Maia and Bailey.. Bailey was adopted from Humane society then surrendered to us. Adopted by an attorney, Michael Berg, and he never picked her up after hurricane Irma.. She is safe and adored with Marti Snyder and family.




Rocky (aka Parker) is adored!


Hi Donna, Augie is settling in nicely  He is such a joy! Thank you!!!


Wow!!! 1 year ago today I brought my sweet little Lucy (AKA Harmony) home. She is sweet and silly and loves everybody. (Especially all the boys!) Eternally

grateful to Donna Halpern for her rescue. Happy gotcha day!!!


Charlize has become a miss prissy. She is clearly adored by her mommy. Not so sure she is loving the hat!



Scooby and his sister have finally bonded. This is a beautiful picture


Lucas aka Ziggy
Thank you for everything you do, so amazing dogs like mine get a 2nd chance at a happy -tail wagging life

Love is in the air. Is there anything cuter than a if man with a teeny puppy. … this is lilly’s pup that was a father’s day/birthday gift thank you

TRE (Dapper dan) has made himself right at home!

Just wanted to give you an update on Jeter. He’s doing fantastic he has mastered the stay command finally :)) and is fully potty trained.

Chuchi (now named Sweet) warming up to his new brother

Harley aka Onyx with her brother Mishka

Phoenix (aka Jewels) just graduated  puppy class. Way to go little girl!

It’s hard to believe we just got he today. Hoshi (aka Bo Jangles) has made himself right at home.


Heinz and his happily ever after!

Lincoln (aka Devon) is  spoiled, happy and loved.  May all our adoptees have the same happily ever after!

Last March this adorable pup now named Morpheus (on the right) was adopted from us.  Look how BEAUTIFUL he has turned out.  Happily ever after with his new friend.

Duke with his new daddy.

Louie (aka Prius) is doing GREAT! Here he is with his siblings.

Sadie was adopted 2 years ago. Clearly, this is a happily ever after.

                                                                                                     Bam Bam with his best bud Winnie. Besties forever!

Big smiles need no explanations.

Link (aka Bugsey) was adopted 3 years ago. Someone is king of the castle!

Coco (aka Quigley) looks delighted with his new forever home.

Halo is a beautiful happy boy.

Emma (aka Summer) is excited to be in her new forever home!!

Moe is having fun in his deluxe apartment in the sky!

” We adopted Peking from you back in January and we wanted to say how wonderful it’s been to have him as part of our family.”

-Happily Ever After Family

Kristie (aka Fat Actress) adopted 8 years ago is still going strong at the age of 12 .

Update: Kristie still visits elementary schools and is still pleasantly plump.

Revi (aka Dexter) counts his blessings every day!

Look at Quinn (aka Dora). She is enjoying her new life with her new daddy and kitty sister. All of our animals are cat compatible. “Bam Bam is doing GREAT!!! Thank you.”

Happily Ever After Family. 

 Effie (aka Dakota) enjoying her new home a little too much. LOL

Sammy(aka Dande) is loving the life and being spoiled.  Happy as can be he has with his happily ever after family!!

Shelby adopted 2 years ago skinny and scared. Look at her now so plump and happy!
Dexter (aka Jingles) is enjoying his Happily Ever After Family.


Our own Dr. Bravo with Rocco (aka Russo) after 11 years he finally adopted a pup from us! Happily ever after=forever.

Scruffy (aka Smooch Pooch) with her forever mom Caroline

Yoo Hoo has found the perfect home. Look how he loves his new family.

She’s in love, Madison with Max (aka Kringle).

Jewels in her finest UM attire already comfortable in her new family.

Jewels is happy, healthy and thriving and spoiled by her boys. Love all around!

Sophie and Charlie (litter mates) adopted 2 years ago by a brother and sister that lived separately.  Now they are reunited under the same roof. Reunited and it feels so good! 
Mackinzie (aka Mac) is lounging in his new home.

“Thank you very much for allowing us to adopt this sweet boy.”-Happily Ever After Family

Brooklyn with her new family.


Charlie  working on his tan in his new back yard.

 Mojo enjoying his first toy in his forever home.

 Chevy was meant to be with this family. Chevy was born on his happily ever after dad’s birthday who also works for Chevy. Love and fate connects us all.

 Doogie Bowser

Doogie had to wait a while to find his happily ever after, but it was worth it. He loves his hat!

 Namasde is tip toeing through the tulips and the grass.

 Pippa was adopted by a sweet family that just loves her. She’s not saying she got into the cake, but she isn’t denying it either!

Bronx (aka Frodo) was adopted and is enjoying life with new family. He pities the fool who doesn’t adopt with Fairytails!

If you have adopted a pet from Fairytails and want to be featured on this page , please email Maureen Castellon at info@sirenpublications.com.

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